Integrative Health Coaching

In 2012 and 2013 I trained at Duke Integrative Medicine to be a professional integrative health coach, enhancing my skills as a facilitator of spiritual growth and overall wellness.  I work with individuals and groups as a keen listener, someone who seeks, along with you, clues to the people, activities, things, and places that help you become your fullest expression of yourself. Your health vitally depends on staying aligned with a life path that brings you joy and satisfaction, and when we stray into projects and habits that feel like drudgery, our immune systems become sluggish, our outlook darkens, our hope lessens.

Integrative Health Coaching sessions are most helpful when spaced two weeks apart for three months, though each individual is different and some may want more or less frequent meetings.

The cost for a three month package is $475.00.  This includes six 50 minute sessions spaced two weeks apart.  The sessions can be in person in Durham, NC, or by phone.  Email me at to set up an initial session.  To reserve the next available slot, you may also pay in advance at:

One of my obvious archetypes I express in life is that of the coach: I’ve coached many sports teams, taught a variety of classes, and worked with people from all walks of life to help them remember what it is that brings them joy, what it is to move in unity and strength, what it means to be a champion.   This task is no easy one, for life is complicated, the human brain is complicated, the demands society places upon us are complicated!    How is it that among your credit cards, your bills, your cracked Iphone case and your chapstick you can remember yourself as the child who wandered along the neighborhood creek turning over rocks to see if crayfish were underneath?   How is it that within your sore back muscles, your slight headache, and your sleep deprived thoughts you can remember you saw turtles in the clouds on a camping trip at the age of 22 reminding you to move slowly and persistently to your goals?   How is it that among the dirty pots and pans you are cleaning and the ringing of the phone you can smell the fragrance of tea olive flowers through the crack in the window and be moved back to your grandparents’ backyard, whistling for the first time and feeling the simple pleasure of sound and creation?

From there, those memories of a purer you, you then must remember the warrior you that is coming.    Like Osiris, you must be re-membered, put back together from all the trauma, heartache, loss, and sorrow that may have happened during the course of your life.  A certain dismemberment does occur to our dreams, our visions, our confidence – even our picture of reality – as we move through this world embracing or avoiding its challenges.   The warrior you that is coming is re-membered as surely as the innocent child is remembered from years gone by.

A time comes when you know that no longer will you walk in weakness, no longer will you repeat patterns of fragmentation, no longer will you meekly look away from the gaze of a strong-willed mind.   The time comes when you are ready to move forward into your strongest life, one where you know you are the equal to everyone on this earth, one where you are often the able one, inspiring others to move into lightness, one where you wake each morning sure that your heart is beating so that through you can come much goodness and beauty and the resurrection of harmony onto this earth.

If that time is now for you, it’s likely you found my website for a reason.   I would be honored to help you move into a space of strength, calmness, and contentment – a space where you feel most alive, most productive, and most loving.




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