For more than three years now I have been working with an energy healing group I helped found at the Rhine Research Center.  We meet three times a month as a group seeing volunteer clients; we each use our own unique energy healing modalities as well as a common focus on Bill Bengston’s technique of cycling/visualization.   Remarkable experienced have occurred, and I am grateful for the dedication, longevity, and skill of this group. 

Additionally, at the Rhine, we are using a photon multiplier, a random number generator, and an infrared detector in an attempt to measure healers’ physical effects.  In past research experiments, we at the Rhine have found that it is common for healers to emit heat (measured in the infrared spectrum). However, a few healers have also emitted measurable amounts of light (measured quite minutely – photon by photon).

We have measured a group of three healers at a time, and they were able to sustain increased amounts of light emission over time (for a ten minute period when they, together, focused on sending healing thoughts). When they rested without any focus on healing, the light emission dropped back to the baseline level. This seems to indicate that the power of a focused group is potentially stronger than that of an individual (of course depending on the group and depending on the individual – some individuals have measured quite powerfully).

The current research is quite exciting to me, as an energy healer, for it may lend some scientific credibility to a phenomenon about which many people are skeptical.  Note my own informal experiment to assess the validity of energy healing in my blog post, my rice experiment.   Though I am sure that healing is transmitted from person to person in unmeasurable, potentially complex ways, and the emission of light does not have to happen for energy transference to occur, it is still exciting research. Even if we may never know exactly how energy healing occurs, if we are able to prove that some healers actually do emit small amounts of light during a healing session, that data would be a significant finding. If nothing else, skeptics could not claim that “nothing” was happening or that it was all our “imagination.” Additionally, it would certainly add to the research that is slowly accumulating about energy healing. Perhaps one day energy healing will be an acceptable part of mainstream belief.

We have more work to do with this research, and I will let you know of our findings when they are published.


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