I have been initiated into the rites of the Munay-ki, and I am now able to transmit these rites and teach others how to give them. Please see the Four Winds Society description of the rites and their significance at

There is no charge for the gifting of these rites! However, there is typically a fee for teaching how to pass the rites on, as this is a longer more time-consuming process. I feel grateful to have received them, and I feel that my life has changed because of it. If there is interest, I will likely set up a series of classes for the transmission and/or teaching of these rites.


5 responses to “Munay-ki

  1. Hello,

    I would like to receive the rites. I have heard about them and they sound interesting. Please let me know when you establish a class, or would be interested in giving individual sessions.

    I’ve been working on myself for 30 years and have a spiritual healing practice. I work with the Guardian of the Directions, in my life and work.



    • Hi Barbara-Lynn,
      Thank you for writing. The rites are wonderful, and I will certainly let you know if I establish a class. I am also connected with others who have received the rites and who give the rites, and if they are going to hold a class, I will let you know.

      I admire your life’s work!


  2. Hi Barbara-Lynn,

    Your website is beautiful, and I am sure that the work you do parallels that beauty.

    I wanted to tell you that Vickie Penninger may be offering the munay-ki rites at some point — she gave a class in May, so she may soon be giving another.

    Her website with contact information is:

    I hope that helps!

    I will also let you know if I am going to offer the rites at some point this fall or winter.


    • Hi Nelson –
      Are you still interested in receiving the rites? I have a friend who is performing them periodically in Raleigh. Is that convenient for you?
      thank you,

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