Arcing Light

Arcing light is, like Reiki, a form of energy balancing and healing.   I am an Arcing Light practitioner, and I was fortunate to be able to take arcing light from Laura Dunham, a gifted spiritual teacher.

Arcing Light is different from Reiki in that the sessions are typically shorter and the practitioner is not physically touching the client.  Rather, the practitioner’s hands are just above the client’s body, dealing solely at the energetic level.   Arcing Light allows a clearing of negative or slow-moving energy at each chakra and then, in that clearer space, an input of positive, light energy.   The recipient of Arcing Light usually feels a great deal of peace and comfort.  In my experience, receiving Arcing Light is a bit like a peaceful meditation, and things will come up from one’s subconscious that are reminders of one’s truest purpose and path in this world.   You usually come away re-energized and re-focused on your life goals and priorities.

Like any healing modality, Arcing Light is an opportunity to let your body rest, heal, and rebalance; additionally, it allows your mind to rest from the worries of the day and attend to deeper goals and dreams.


2 responses to “Arcing Light

  1. I hope you don’t mind my reply….for I was Laura Dunham’s Teacher…and I have been teaching Arcing Light Healing as well as Arcing Light Teachers since 2003…and I have learned so much over the years and mostly that each class builts on the other…for this is a nurturing Feminine energy and Reiki is more of a loving masculine energy …I am Reiki Master also…and I had the opportunity to ask Mother Mary the difference between them..she said that.Reiki was the healing modality that Jesus used and was very earthy for people were right brain back then and could easily accept a healing…that Jesus in those times was about changing structures … and Reiki works by removing layers off of people til you can get to the core ….it also comes in more vertcally through the crown.

    Arcing Light is equal to the Mother Mary energies and of the air, works with magnetics on the horizontal plane .. ( notice that these 2 energies really work very well together ) …because they are like a balance ( + )… yet Arcing Light healing energy goes directly to working on the core and can bring immediate results…because it removes all conditions of stress and brings profound relaxation and calmness as well as removing pain,density,tightness,and toxins very quickly….in as little as 15 mins . You can feel this in the solar plexus ( which is all about empowerment ) .. We have become a left brain society ( analytical for we question everything ), ..and it takes relaxing and nuturing to shut off that left brain and allow the right brain to come in…. this is all about letting go of fear and letting in Love…..Arcing Light is really about connecting to your own divinity….your source and God self…and living from the heart with joy and passion. This is a process that evolves, as you are willing to let go of control and allow. You can’t really separate A L and Reiki….so I ‘ve always felt I carry both alignments and attunements. I was appointed Teacher of Teachers in the original Teachers class in 2002….and have been holding the grounding for this beautiful healing modality since then.

    In November /December of 2011…very strong Shekina energies ( feminine Holy spirit ) started coming in and from the deep caverns of Mother Earth , that it brought forth cold winds and very chilling energies…yet a powerful energy that excellerated healings especially long distance healings. My classes, as well as, my student’s classes that they teach, are mostly all energy with very little instruction. For the students are in altered states of consciousness, so they can receive easily. All right brain….which is where God dwells…this process seems to excel the opening of intuitive gifts and abilities . Mother Mary has always said that energy is the vehicle for change. She also told me that one day , it was her wish that we bring this to Africa. We have an Arcing light Healer/ Teacher., Dr. Jasen Benton….in Aruska, Tanzania…he was given a golden glove on his left arm to the the Teacher’s class as well as the first to be appointed to be a Teacher of Teachers..( this annointing is from God ) . Arcing Light in Africa is magical there , for the people are right brain….and can easily receive the energy. Bllessings to you …In Truth Kathy Russell

    • Dear Kathy,

      What a beautiful description, and I’m so touched that you found my website and took the time to explain Arcing Light more fully. I love knowing that it is feminine energy – as opposed to Reiki being more masculine energy. You inspire me to share Arcing Light more with people as generally I teach and share Reiki in terms of an energy healing modality.

      Thank you. I am glad to hear of Jasen Benton being in Tanzania, and I hope he is having a strong experience.

      Blessings to you – I may be in touch if I have questions about Arcing Light.

      In gratitude,

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