Thanks for visiting this site. I live in Durham, North Carolina, and I have long held a fascination for the balance and health of the body. Through courses, practice, and continuing self study, I have become more and more knowledgeable about the complexity and power that we each harness through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. All dimensions of the self are inter-related, and a subtle aim of energetic therapy is to release the things that need to be released, thus creating room and energy to pull in that which is healing and empowering.  Most health problems derive from inner states of imbalance, and it is harmony for which we all strive.  Additionally, in my integrative health coaching sessions, I remind my clients to search for what needs to be released from the past so that the purest manifestation of the future can be created.  

I have studied many forms of energy healing, with Reiki being the most well-known and the one in which my therapeutic practice is most based.  Note, however, the description of Arcing Light as an additional example and my current work with the Rhine Research Center’s healing energy group, focusing especially on the teachings of Bill Bengston.



Our connection to the earth is what keeps us vitally alive, and our connection to each other is a part of that earth connection.  The importance of following and becoming what you have always dreamed you could be enhances the well-being of our species and, in turn, our planet.

It is a blessing to be alive, and it is our highest path to contribute to the overall life-force to the best of our ability. I trust that if each individual lives a path that brings the deepest joy, his/her relationship to the earth will be profound and positive. We will be in balance, creative, and producing that which inspires and sustains. The earth depends on us to live in harmony with our environment just as we depend on the earth for the sustenance of our life itself. Let us each do all the we can to respect life in all of its forms.


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  1. Sounds like you do great work!! I had an interesting experience with a dragonfly today.While watching my son play ball a dragonfly came and sat on my finger flew away and came back and landed on my arm leaving me a beautiful little green beetle almost as though it was giving me a gift.Then flew off.I am going through transition in my life right now moving forward from the past.My plate is pretty full right now as my dad is having surgery to remove his cancer this week.I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what the dragonfly was giving me or telling me and the gift of a beetle??not sure if that symbolizes anything.Just a interesting moment for sure:)

    • Hi Kylie – I have never heard of a dragonfly leaving a gift like that. They do eat beetles, but if a dragonfly had caught a beetle, one would think it would eat it rather than deposit it for you! It does sound intentional if it came for a second visit bearing the beetle.
      Green is the color of the heart chakra. Perhaps it was a sign to open your heart or pay attention to the messages love is giving you in your life.
      Thank you for sharing this story, and good luck with the transitions in your life right now.

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